The academic and research staff at Leeds have come to us from a wide range of countries including India, Italy, Japan, the Netherlands and the USA. Equally our British staff come from all corners of the UK, including Cornwall, Yorkshire, Scotland and Wales. Our staff have brought with them education and experience of working in some of the most respected academic institutions in the world, with time spent at groups in Harvard, Cambridge, Oxford, University College London, Imperial College London, Manchester, Chicago, Edinburgh and Max Planck Institutes.

The collective skills and knowledge picked up from this experience have been used to establish our own international-class, independent programmes in Leeds.

The group regularly collaborates with and is frequently visited by friends and colleagues, some of whom are former students, from a range of excellent institutions. We travel extensively to maintain these collaborations and to visit facilities all over the world.

Many of us play very active roles in the STFC, the research council that funds most UK research in Particle Physics and Astrophysics. We have considerable input into the establishment of the priorities of future projects and programmes.

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